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Creating a Unique End-of-Life Funeral Service May 30, 2017

Bristol, Hartford County
Creating a Unique End-of-Life Funeral Service , Bristol, Connecticut

Whether you’re planning for yourself or a loved one, arranging an end-of-life service is never easy. More families are choosing to celebrate the life of their departed loved one with a non-traditional funeral service.  An end-of-life service focuses on the individual’s life and interests in an uplifting celebration. The caring professionals at Dunn Funeral Home in Bristol, CT, will help you plan your service and recommend a few ideas.

Donations in Lieu of Flowers

Funeral ServiceInstead of purchasing funeral flowers, guests can be asked to make a donation “in memoriam.” A donor-advised fund can be listed in the service pamphlet with suggested charitable organizations the deceased held dear.

Destination Funeral Service

Consider a mountaintop, beach, or another location-specific service that had special meaning for the departed. Some people who plan their own end-of-life service even provide airfare or hotel fare for the attendees as a final gift. Destination services are common for cremation, when the deceased has made plans for their ashes to be scattered.

Memorial Tree

Planting a tree during the end-of-life service has a special significance. The tree is a symbolic representation of the deceased and can be visited throughout the years.

Custom Coffin

The deceased can be laid to rest in a wooden car, a mini Viking ship, or anything else they desire. Handmade theme coffins are becoming increasingly popular. They’re a great way to impart your personality and give loved ones something to remember you by.

Video Message From the Deceased

A special way to say goodbye is to create a video with messages for family members and friends. You can personalize the video for each loved one or send a memorable final message to all the guests.

The supportive team at Dunn Funeral Home will help you pre-plan your funeral service or create a meaningful ceremony for the deceased. To learn more about preparing funeral arrangements, call (860) 583-9219 to speak with a staff member. Visit them online for information on their end-of-life services.

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