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4 Tips to Prepare Your Child for Their First Filling May 22, 2017

Sacramento, Sacramento County
4 Tips to Prepare Your Child for Their First Filling, Sacramento, California

Bringing your little one in for their first filling can be scary for them. Fortunately, there are a few steps you can take to alleviate their nervousness, says Ronald L. Rasmussen, DDS, a dentist serving patients in Sacramento, California. Here are his top four tips to help you prepare your child for their first filling.

4 Tips to Alleviate Your Child’s Anxiety About Their First Filling

1. Explain What a Cavity Is

Many children are calmed by understanding exactly why they need to do something, and this includes getting a cavity filled. Tell them their tooth has a spot that needs some help, so the dentist is going to fix it. Instead of using words like “needle” and “drill,” though, say their oral health care provider will use some special tools to fix a hole. Emphasize they won’t feel any discomfort while the procedure is happening. 

2. Mention the Sounds

One of the most-noticed parts of getting a filling is the sound of the drill. That high-pitched noise is enough to make anyone anxious, adults and kids alike. Let your child know beforehand there might be some scary sounds, and bring along a music player and some headphones just in case.

3. Talk About How It Feels

fillingLocal anesthetic feels pretty strange, especially when it’s your first time experiencing it. Tell your child they won’t be able to feel their tongue or much of their mouth for a bit after the procedure. Explain this is perfectly normal and is only a temporary sensation.

4. Share Your Cavity Story

Have you had a filling or two? Talk about what it was like when you had yours done. Let them know you felt better after the procedure. Your little one will appreciate knowing their hero could handle it, and they can, too.

At the office of Ronald L. Rasmussen, DDS, the team is experienced in working with children and will make sure the filling procedure isn’t too upsetting for your little one. They’re known for their wide variety of compassionate services, including wisdom teeth removal and basic checkups for kids and adults. Call them today at (916) 689-1100 to schedule an appointment, or visit the website to learn more.

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