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Senior Living Tips: 3 Signs It's Time for Your Loved One to Stop Driving May 19, 2017

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Senior Living Tips: 3 Signs It's Time for Your Loved One to Stop Driving, Florence, Kentucky

Knowing when it’s time to take the keys away from an elderly loved one isn’t always easy. That being said, the team at Colonial Heights & Gardens in Florence, KY, stresses the importance of addressing this issue before an accident can occur. With compassionate senior living services for families throughout the area, their experts believe in proactive care; getting your loved one off the road before they’re no longer able to safely operate a vehicle is one of the best things you can do for their livelihood.

Senior Living: 3 Reasons to Relieve Your Elderly Loved One From the Driver’s Seat

1. Memory Issues

Senior LivingMemory loss is one of the clearest reasons to start talking to an elderly family member or friend about giving up driving. Even if they’re only experiencing minor issues, the problem could quickly escalate. Being confused and forgetful in any situation is dangerous, especially one which requires you to be alert and observant. In the meantime, memory care specialists can help your loved one keep their mind as sharp as possible for years to come.

2. Delayed Reactions

As people grow older, their powers of comprehension and situational awareness may diminish. It will take them longer to respond to questions or stimuli because they can’t process the situation as quickly. Unfortunately, driving requires swift responses to constant stimuli. If your loved one’s powers of perception are beginning to slow, they won’t be safe behind the wheel.

3. Health Problems

A number of age-related health problems become more dangerous when combined with driving. While vision issues can prevent someone from seeing obstructions in the road, a heart attack on the highway could be fatal. Even arthritis may interfere with a person’s ability to steer the wheel and press the pedals effectively.

At Colonial Heights & Gardens, their senior living experts know that sometimes, it falls to the loved ones of an elderly person to be proactive about these matters. Contact them online to learn more about what they can do for you and your family, or call (859) 525-6900 today.

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