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3 Signs You Have a Dead Tree May 19, 2017

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3 Signs You Have a Dead Tree, Cincinnati, Ohio

Unless you’re an experienced arborist, it can be difficult to tell when a tree on your property has died. Luckily, the friendly professionals at Tepe Tree Service in Cincinnati, OH, are knowledgeable about all the symptoms that indicate the time for your tree has come. Below, they discuss three foolproof ways to determine if you have a dead tree on your hands. 

3 Ways to Tell If Your Tree Is Dead

Trunk Damage

When a tree’s trunk is damaged, the likelihood of it recovering is very slim. If you notice vertical cracks or seams running up the trunk, the tree is probably on its last leg. The appearance of the bark on the trunk can also indicate something’s wrong. Normally, a tree’s lost bark is replaced by new, stronger bark. When a tree is dead, there’s nothing to replace the shed bark, making the tree look barren and sick.

Fungus Invasion

It’s common to see mushrooms pop up in your lawn or garden, but when they sprout on or next to your tree, it serves as a sign that your tree is either diseased or dying. Shelf or Bracket fungi are also an indicator that there might be internal rot in your tree.

Bare or Broken Branches

dead treeUnseasonably bare branches are a sign that your tree might be dying. Branches falling off on their own can also indicate a fatal issue. If a tree has contracted a disease or is already dead, bare and broken branches will likely be common.

If you’re still unsure if you have a dead tree or not, contact the expert arborists at Tepe Tree Service. Serving Cincinnati, OH, and the surrounding communities, this tree cutting company offers tree pruning, trimming, and removal. For more information about their services, contact them at (513) 923-1123, or visit them online.

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