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Why Renters Insurance Is a Must for All Tenants May 19, 2017

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Why Renters Insurance Is a Must for All Tenants, High Point, North Carolina

As you get ready to move into your first apartment, there is a good chance you will hear conflicting views about whether or not renters insurance is necessary. There are many myths out there surrounding the topic, but the truth is, protecting yourself and your belongings is important no matter what. According to the professionals at James C. Whitley Insurance Agency in High Point, NC, tenants can obtain coverage, and all the benefits that come with it, for a very affordable price. Here, they explain why it’s important to buy a renters insurance policy.

What Makes Renters Insurance a Necessary Purchase?

1. It Preserves Your Finances in Liability Cases

Even if you rent your residence, you can still be sued and held liable for the injuries a guest suffers while visiting you or damages you have caused to someone else’s property. Renters insurance will pay for any financial obligations you have pertaining to medical bills or repairs.

2. It Protects Your Possessions

renters insuranceJust like home insurance, renters insurance will provide protection for your possessions in the event they are stolen or damaged by a peril named in the policy. Without coverage, you would have the responsibility of paying to replace all your items out of pocket, which could take a serious toll on your finances.

3. It Provides Additional Living Expenses

Should your rental become damaged and no longer safe for you to stay in, renters insurance will cover the expenses for you to stay in a temporary residence until you can move back in or find someplace else to live. This is essential so you don’t have to pay these costs yourself.

If you rent your living space, renters insurance will play a significant role in making sure your financial future is secure. Call (336) 841-5300 to schedule an appointment with James C. Whitley Insurance Agency at either the Main St. or W. Lexington Ave. office, or visit their website to inquire about receiving insurance quotes. 

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