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How Neuropsychology Helps With Concussions May 24, 2017

Chapel Hill, Orange
How Neuropsychology Helps With Concussions, Chapel Hill, North Carolina

Concussions are common forms of traumatic brain injuries. While they are typically considered a mild injury, any brain impact is dangerous and should be treated as such. This is where neuropsychology can help. If you experience loss of consciousness, memory loss, vomiting, or other serious symptoms after a concussion, then it’s best to get immediate medical attention. In some cases, your symptoms will linger even after treatment and some recovery time. North Carolina Neuropsychiatry PA specializes in helping Chapel Hill, NC, patients who need help from a brain expert to recover from their concussion.  


Most concussions will heal on their own after some physical and mental rest, but some patients will experience persistent symptoms. A comprehensive neuropsychology assessment examines your history of brain injury and other health factors, such as depression or medication, that could slow your recovery. Only once your doctor knows the reason for the ongoing symptoms can they make a treatment recommendation. The assessment uses a concussion test, or CT, to evaluate your mental performance throughout treatment. This is helpful in diagnosing the problem and monitoring rehabilitation to determine when you have returned to your baseline levels.


neuropsychologyYour neuropsychiatry expert will make a recommendation based on your exam results. Many patients just need to continue resting while other cases may require a rehabilitation program, which your doctor can tailor to fit your needs. These programs involve gently retraining your brain with mental exercises, just as you would slowly retrain a sprained wrist with weights and stretching.

Brains are complicated, and their issues are difficult to diagnose without the right tools and knowledge. Even if you do not show any symptoms after your concussion, an assessment is recommended to rule out any problems. The neuropsychology specialists at North Carolina Neuropsychiatry PA can help you take care of the most complex organ in your body. Visit their website to learn more about their treatment plans, and call (919) 933-2000 to schedule an appointment.

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