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Spring Cleaning Tips for Your Garage Doors & Interior May 19, 2017

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Spring Cleaning Tips for Your Garage Doors & Interior, Knoxville, Illinois

Spring is here, and it’s the perfect time to do a little cleaning. This means decluttering and scrubbing areas of your home that may not have been cleaned in months, like your garage. Howe Overhead Doors of Knoxville, IL, is the local expert on garage door maintenance and repairs, and they’ve got great tips for getting your whole garage in tip-top shape this season.  

Here are three tips to boost your home’s curb appeal and spruce up that garage:

  • Clean Your Garage Door: Garage doors take a lot of abuse from the elements, so it’s no surprise they collect dirt and grime both inside and out. To clean your garage door, you will need a soft cleaning cloth or sponge, a brush, a mild liquid soap, and water. Use the cloth, sponge, or brush to gently clean dirt from the door. Then, rinse it off with clean water. If there is rust, consider contacting a local garage door repair company to remove it.
  • garage doorMake Needed Garage Door Repairs: The dirt that collects on the outside of garage doors can collect in the tracks as well, which can derail them and prevent the door from going up and down. Try using a stiff brush or water to remove the dust and dirt. Once the tracks are clean, follow the manufacturer’s recommendations on lubricating the tracks and wheels. If this doesn’t solve the problem, you may need to call a professional for garage door repairs.
  • Clean the Inside of Your Garage: Start by emptying your garage of all the tools and equipment you store in there. Then, wipe down the walls and mop the floor. To remove oil stains, wet the area, and apply a degreaser. After letting it sit for a while, scrub it in and rinse it off. 
  • Get Organized: Before you return your items to the garage, dust them off and take a good look at what you have. Broken items and belongings you no longer use should go in the trash. Add shelves or wall hooks to keep everything neatly organized.

If you need help with your garage, call Howe Overhead Doors in Knoxville at (309) 289-2211. You can also visit their website for more information on all their garage door repair and installation services. 

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