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Join the Homework Help Club Led by FasTracKids' Reading & Math Tutors June 2, 2017

New York, New York
Join the Homework Help Club Led by FasTracKids' Reading & Math Tutors, New York, New York

Students requiring extra help in school often feel uncomfortable asking questions or requesting additional assistance while in class. But in the Homework Help Club at FasTracKids, students are encouraged to address their challenges head-on in a safe and supportive learning environment. The reading and math tutors at FasTracKids' Homework Help Club serve young learners in Sheepshead Bay, New York, with academic guidance in all major subjects. 

Focused Attention on the Most Difficult Subjects

The educators leading the club work closely with students to help them identify the subject areas that are most challenging. Many students require extra help in mathematics and English, making the club's math tutors and reading and writing teachers ideal for tackling challenging subject matter. Each student's two hardest homework assignments will be completed with instructor support, giving the student the opportunity to complete the easier assignments on their own time (usually with little effort, since the harder lessons have been mastered during club time).

Low Student-Teacher Ratio

math tutorHomework Help Club is all about getting your child specialized help. For this reason, class sizes are purposely kept on the smaller side, and the student-teacher ratio ensures plenty of one-on-one attention. Most sessions have a ratio of 3:1 to 5:1, offering an individualized learning experience within the larger group environment.

Parent Check-Ins

As a parent, you have every right to know how your child is progressing, the issues they're struggling with, and the achievements they've experienced. The Homework Help Club instructors will meet with you after every session to review your child's accomplishments and provide you with a progress report. This information helps parents understand what matters need to be addressed during homework sessions at home.

Contact FasTracKids to enroll your child in the Homework Help Club or to learn more about any of their after-school programs. You can also reach them by phone at (718) 891-5437 or through their Facebook or Twitter pages. Get the young learner in your life the extra help they need, and call FasTracKids' reading and math tutors today.