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3 Compelling Reasons Corporate Awards Are Valuable May 18, 2017

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3 Compelling Reasons Corporate Awards Are Valuable, Dalton, Georgia

The business landscape has changed in recent years. Now more than ever before, employees seek recognition for their efforts and commitment to an organization. Because of this, managers and executives need an effective way to show their appreciation of their top performers, and there’s no better way than issuing corporate awards.

These timeless acknowledgements benefit not only the recipient, but also your company overall. As a leading provider of plaques, engraved gifts, and a variety of other customizable awards, Total Recognition provides companies in the Dalton, GA, area with high-quality employee rewards. Here, they highlight the benefits of company awards.

3 Benefits of Corporate Awards

1. Drive Sales

You can enforce a healthy sense of competition by issuing an annual or quarterly award for your top sales performers. By opening up the award to the entire corporation, recipients will feel especially valued upon receipt of such an honor. There’s also an advantage for your company: In pursuit of the award, sales staff will push even further, which will inevitably lead to a jump in profits.

2. Improve Attraction & Retention

corporate award Dalton GACorporations need to work hard to attract top talent with specific skill sets. A great way to increase your employee value proposition is to illustrate how you reward and recognize high performance. When prospective employees see how your company goes above and beyond to communicate their appreciation for hard-won efforts, they’ll be more inclined to view it as a great place to work. The same goes for existing employees: When they witness your commitment to rewarding individuals, they’ll feel increasingly valued and will thus be more likely to stay with the company.

3. Boost PR

Finally, corporate awards provide an ideal opportunity for boosting public relations. From press releases to blog posts, there are endless ways to spread the word about bestowing an honor upon a particular employee, executive, or manager. As news travels, you’ll expand your company’s visibility, and you could even wind up garnering the attention of some important new contacts.

Improve your business outcomes by implementing corporate rewards at your company. To discuss plaques, trophies, or any other awards you may have in mind with the detail-oriented team at Total Recognition, call (706) 278-0077 today. You can also like them on Facebook and check out their website to learn more.

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