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Putnam County's Best Septic Company Answers Client Questions May 24, 2017

Carmel, Putnam
Putnam County's Best Septic Company Answers Client Questions, Carmel, New York

The best septic company isn’t merely the one that delivers reliable service. Great Bear Septic Service, in Mahopac, NY, believes that a truly helpful septic installation and repair team will also answer your questions to ensure you understand how your system works. That’s why these professionals are always happy to address their clients’ inquiries and concerns. Below, they answer a few of the questions they hear most frequently.

How Important is Regular Septic Pumping?

In short, it’s extremely important. Even if your septic tank is full, waste has to go somewhere. As the waste backs up, it can damage various components of your plumbing. Repairing these parts is often expensive—and if the waste starts to back up into your home, it could expose you and your loved ones to potential health risks.

How Can I Tell When My Tank Is Full?

best septic company Mahopac NYCoordinate with the best septic company in your area and create a septic pumping schedule. In most cases, the tank will have to be cleaned every few years, depending on the size of the tank and your household. With a little expert guidance, you can avoid messy overflows.

How Often Should a Tank be Pumped?

Typically, you should pump a septic tank once every three to five years. That said, this can vary based on the tank’s capacity and the number of people in the house. Larger families may need to schedule more frequent septic pumping to keep the tank clean.

Should I Know Where My Tank Is?

Absolutely—knowing where your tank is helps you protect it from structural damage. Erecting heavy structures like a shed or gazebo or parking heavy vehicles on top of your septic system can cause pressure the components and drain field can’t withstand.

Working with the best septic company ensures your system will last for many years. To schedule an inspection with the team at Great Bear Septic Service, contact them online or call (845) 621-0250.

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