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Should I Hire an Attorney If I Caused a Car Accident? May 25, 2017

Hot Springs, Garland
Should I Hire an Attorney If I Caused a Car Accident?, Hot Springs, Arkansas

In a perfect world, recovering from a car accident would be a straightforward process. The drivers’ insurance companies would decide who was at fault, the liable party’s insurance would pay for the repairs, and everyone would go their separate ways. Unfortunately, the question of fault isn’t always easy to figure out, and, sometimes, it may not go your way. If you believe you caused the car accident, there are several steps you should take.

First, don’t admit fault at the scene. Don’t apologize or even suggest you might be partially to blame. You only have half the story right now, and even if you did make a mistake, the other driver might have made a bigger one. Accepting liability early on leaves you on the hook for damages and personal injuries—even if the car accident was all or mostly the other driver’s fault.

car accidentNext, wait for the insurance companies to make their decisions. Cooperate with them by filing a claim promptly and giving a statement as needed. If the other driver’s insurance company also asks you for your statement, you should speak to an attorney before you give it. See whether your insurance company grants or denies your claim.

Even if you handle your car accident perfectly, an attorney may still be necessary. If your insurance company decides you were at fault and your policy doesn’t cover the damages, you didn’t have insurance to begin with, or another party involves a lawyer, it’s time to hire a lawyer to protect your personal assets and recover damages from the accident. The longer you wait, the more likely you are to make a mistake which will destroy your case, so call today.


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