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3 Ways Landscaping Can Enhance Your Security System May 18, 2017

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3 Ways Landscaping Can Enhance Your Security System, Merrillville, Indiana

Protecting your home extends far past installing smoke detectors, an alarm system, and surveillance cameras. Luckily, the specialists at Alert Alarm in Merrillville, IN, excel at thinking outside of the box, and they encourage homeowners not to overlook landscaping when it comes to the security planning process.

Consider the following three ways landscaping can complement your security systems:

  • security systemsRemember That Less Is More: Burglars tend to steal from properties that offer easy access to hiding places, so avoid adding thick foliage to your landscape—especially close to your home. Keep your trees trimmed, and plant short shrubs instead of large bushes. Most importantly, make sure your doors and windows are clearly visible to neighbors and passersby. Otherwise, criminals can use your plants to hide while they try to bypass your security systems and gain entry to your haven.
  • Plant Foliage That Will Defend Your Home: Many plants and flowers boast intimidating features like spiky leaves and thorns. Thorny shrubbery alone can be a major deterrent for would-be trespassers. Creeping juniper, blue spruce, and common holly all sprout prickly leaves that neither nosy neighbors nor potential thieves will want to mess with, especially when planted beneath windows.
  • Install Motion-Detected Lights: Well-lit areas are also a major deterrent to criminals. Add motion-activated lights to your landscape design plan to safeguard walkways and areas near windows. While you can place these lights strategically to highlight hardscaping elements—such as water features and retaining walls—their primary objective is to light possible entryways into your home.

You’ll find many flowers, plants, and tools to complete your safety-driven landscaping projects at local home improvement stores. If you don’t already have one, Alert Alarm is poised to install and monitor reliable security systems to protect your home against nosy neighbors and potential criminals. Call (219) 738-2201 today or visit their website to schedule a consultation. 

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