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Here’s Why Tire Care Matters May 19, 2017

Russellville, Pope
Here’s Why Tire Care Matters, Russellville, Arkansas

For diligent car owners, taking proper care of their tires is recognized among the most important regular maintenance tasks. There are significant safety and financial ramifications for neglecting your tires, but with some assistance from a top auto center, you’ll be able to keep them in great shape. Based in Russellville, AR, Hindsman & Son has earned a reputation as the area’s top light mechanic. With 24-hour service, the pros are always available to check on your tires. 

Here are three reasons why diligent tire care is so crucial:tires

  • Safety Concerns: When you stop paying attention to your tires, their pressure level will begin to decrease. The looser tires produce more friction where they contact the road, creating the possibility of a blowout. Under-filled tires also exhibit diminished traction, so even a little rain could put you and your passengers in peril. 
  • Shorter Lifespan: Beyond the increased likelihood of a blowout, your tires will start deteriorating faster if their pressure is allowed to remain low. The extra friction and awkward contact of the loose rubber will degrade the material. Before you know it, you’ll have to spend a significant sum replacing all four of your tires. Simply by having an auto expert periodically check and adjust your tire pressure, you can add many years to the lifespan of your tires. 
  • Worse Mileage: Low-pressure tires do not make contact with the road in an ideal way, leading to constant strain. That extra effort requires more gas, which means you’ll be heading to the pump more often. As the months go by, that money will add up to a substantial amount. Even when your tank is full, driving with low-pressure tires tends to be rough and unpleasant.

To safeguard your tires, drive over to Hindsman & Son. You can speak to a friendly staff representative by calling (479) 880-1222. Find out more about the shop by visiting their website

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