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The Top 5 Benefits of Joint Manipulation October 9, 2017

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The Top 5 Benefits of Joint Manipulation, Fairbanks, Alaska

If you come to a chiropractor for back pain, joint stiffness, or an injury, he or she may recommend joint manipulation. This term covers a range of techniques that involve manually moving your joints, and studies have shown it has significant benefits. 

5 Joint Manipulation Benefits

1. Relieves Pain

The most obvious benefit is a significant and often immediate reduction in pain following treatment. Not only can joint manipulation provide long-term relief, but it has also been reported to eliminate chronic symptoms.

2. Increases Flexibility

Limited or painful mobility in a joint can severely limit your daily activities. Joint mobilization helps restore mobility over time, especially when used in conjunction with other physical therapies.

3. Unlocks Joints

Sometimes, the issue isn’t a stiff joint, but simply one that has locked up due to an injury or overuse. In these cases, joint manipulation can provide instantaneous relief by gently unbinding the joint.

4. Provides an Alternative to Surgery

Most people would prefer joint manipulationto exhaust all other options before choosing invasive surgical procedures. Joint manipulation is a potential alternative that may provide the benefits you hoped for from surgery.

5. Reduces Medication Dependency

With an alternative method of pain relief available, you’ll have less need for pain medications, allowing you to cut back on their use and reduce the risk of developing a dependency. With proper chiropractic treatment, you may find you no longer need your pain medication at all.


Sun 7 Chiropractic in Fairbanks, AK, provides treatment and pain relief for chronic conditions and injuries. With careful adjustments and joint manipulation, they can help you live pain free. Call them today at (907) 456-3302 with any questions, or send them a message online.

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