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What You Need to Know About RV Insurance May 18, 2017

Fort Mohave, Mohave
What You Need to Know About RV Insurance, Fort Mohave, Arizona

Purchasing an RV holds the promise of comfortable camping, nights under the stars, and quality family time, but you need to protect your investment. Before you hit the open road, make sure you have a quality RV insurance policy. The agents at Bullhead City Insurance Center based in Fort Mohave, AZ, want to help. Their experts answer some of the most frequently asked questions about insuring recreational vehicles.

1. If I Have Car Insurance, Do I Need RV Insurance?

Your auto insurance policy covers your regular car or truck, but it won’t cover your RV. These vehicles are considered homes on wheels; even if you’re not living in it full time, you are required by law to carry a separate insurance policy. Not only are you protecting the vehicle from damage to the exterior, but you’re also covering the interior that holds your appliances and personal belongings. The right insurance policy will keep your entire RV safe, whether it’s damaged in a collision or by a falling tree branch at your campsite, or broken into at a rest stop.

2. Does the Type of RV I Drive Affect My Premium?

While your insurance provider will examine your overall driving record, they also take into consideration the type of RV you want to insure. Typically, Class A RVs cost the most in insurance premiums while Class B vehicles cost the least. However, the total cost of your premium will be based on both the type of RV you drive and the coverage options you select.

RV insurance Fort Mohave AZ3. How Much Insurance Do I Need?

The amount of coverage you need is based on the amenities you need to cover as well as the amount of time you’re planning to spend in your RV. If you intend to be live in it for most of the year, select a policy that covers the value of your belongings and treats the unit as a temporary dwelling. If you’re only using it on weekends for short excursions, your insurance agent may recommend a less comprehensive policy.

4. Is There Any RV Most Policies Won’t Cover?

Most RV insurance policies cover everything from Class A rigs to small teardrop campers. However each provider is different—if you’re investing in a tiny house or handmade travel trailer, your insurance options may be limited. Work with an experienced agent to find the right policy for your needs based on how often you use the RV and the type of vehicle you need to cover.

Whether you’re looking for a policy to protect a new RV or want an updated auto insurance quote for your tow vehicle, the team at Bullhead City Insurance Center is ready to help. Visit their website to learn more about their RV insurance options and call (928) 768-4211 to speak with an experienced agent.

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