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The Incredible Health Benefits of Liver Mush May 19, 2017

Richburg, Chester
The Incredible Health Benefits of Liver Mush, Richburg, South Carolina

Liver mush is a Southern dish consisting of pork liver, meat parts, and cornmeal. It is flavored using herbs, salt, and pepper, and it tastes similar to a sausage patty. It originated as a way to utilize the last edible bits of an animal to get the most out of a hunt or meat purchase. Specifically in the Carolinas, liver mush is a traditional meal. Country Omelet in Richburg, SC, serves it to their diners on a daily basis.

Not only does it taste delicious, but liver mush also has some incredibly healthy components:

  • Vitamin A: Liver mush contains a healthy dose of vitamin A. Your eyesight, immune system, and reproductive system all benefit from this fat-soluble vitamin. It also aids in the growth of teeth, bones, and soft tissue and maintaining the appropriate amount of white blood cells. A deficiency can lead to serious side effects, such as poor vision, dry skin, and difficulty conceiving. Consuming the proper amount of vitamin A helps keep your body in good health.

  • liver mushIron: Without enough iron, you may experience impaired cognitive function, a lowered immune system, and arthritis. The iron in liver mush, then, helps your body produce more energy and even give birth to healthier babies. 

  • Zero Preservatives: In general, liver mush is made without preservatives. The list of ingredients is short, usually including simply liver, pork, cornmeal, wheat flour, spices, and, at times, caramel. Nitrates and nitrites, two common preservatives, can potentially increase your risk for diabetes, diarrhea, and respiratory infections. The lack of these in liver mush is simply a healthy bonus.

Try liver mush at a local Southern restaurant for a delicious and healthy dining experience. Country Omelet in Richburg is known for their exceptional grits, grilled chicken, and liver mush. For more information or to check out their full menu, visit their website or call (803) 789-5840 today. 

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