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What Are Kentucky’s Cremation Laws? A Local Funeral Home Explains May 31, 2017

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What Are Kentucky’s Cremation Laws? A Local Funeral Home Explains , Fort Mitchell, Kentucky

Dealing with the loss of a loved one is a difficult process. Beyond the emotional toll, the notion of sorting through the legalities that follow a death can be overwhelming. To ease this burden, the team at Middendorf Funeral Home in Northern Kentucky feels it’s important to provide clear guidance to families. They offer the following insight into cremation laws.

Who Can Perform a Cremation?

Because it is part of a legal process and there are specific safety protocols in place, only a licensed funeral home or crematory may perform a cremation. In the event of a family member’s passing, contact a funeral home director to arrange for your loved one’s body to be taken into their care.

What Forms Do You Need?

cremationA Cremation Authorization Form must be properly completed before the process can be carried out. On this form, you will be required to provide your loved one’s basic biographical information as well as the location and cause of death. The form must include the name, address, and contact information of the funeral home. You will also be asked to provide a statement identifying any personal medical devices the deceased may have used. Funeral home directors are knowledgeable about these requirements and will help you properly complete the form.

Who Can Authorize a Cremation?

Under Kentucky law, surviving adult relatives of the deceased, such as a spouse, child, sibling, grandchild, or parent, may authorize cremation. In the absence of these relations, an individual who is designated as next of kin may do so instead.

How Is Your Loved One Prepared for Cremation?

cremationA professional funeral home staff will always treat your loved one with dignity and respect. Before a cremation, they will make sure any personal items such as jewelry or watches are removed and given over to your care. Because medical devices such as pacemakers or prostheses can rupture and cause damage to the crematory equipment, endangering staff, these must be removed in advance as well.

Can You Still Hold Funeral Services for the Departed?

Holding a funeral or memorial service for the departed is important to celebrate their life and help surviving friends and family members recover from grief. Choosing cremation for your loved one doesn’t mean you can’t honor them with a service. To smoothly plan a funeral, enlist the help of a funeral director, as they can provide assistance in coordinating details, like selecting an urn and notifying the community.

If you and your family need assistance dealing with a recent loss, Middendorf Funeral Home is ready to help. Founded in the 1860s, this family-owned business has been committed to serving the needs of the community for over five generations. Visit them online for information, or call (859) 341-7800 to speak with their compassionate staff.

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