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Your Guide to Liquor: 2017's Most Popular Cocktail Trends June 1, 2017

Port Morris, Bronx
Your Guide to Liquor: 2017's Most Popular Cocktail Trends, Bronx, New York

Craft distilleries are all the rage this year with their unique liquors and spirits. The more unusual the drink, the more likely adventurous bar-goers are to try it. Port Morris Distillery of the Bronx is no exception, with their menu of interesting drinks. Here, they discuss the top five cocktail trends liquor lovers should taste test this year.

2017’s Top 5 Liquor & Cocktail Trends

1. Anything With Tonic

Vodka tonics are classic and tasty, but this pairing isn’t the only hot duo at the bar this year. Other matches include whiskey, tequila, and mezcal with tonic. The carbonated mixer prolongs the life of the liquor and waters it down, which will make people normally hesitant to drink harder spirits feel better about venturing out to find their new favorite adult beverage.

2. The Persephone

This sweet yet light cocktail is made with vermouth, sloe gin, fresh lemon juice, and simple syrup. It’s the perfect drink for a rooftop summer hang or to get a taste of summer during the colder months.

3. Spices & Herbs

Even your friend who always orders the same drink will appreciate this trend of adding specialized spices and herbs to cocktails. Putting a stick of fresh pine and a cranberry or two in a gin and tonic is just the start. Order something with rosemary, cardamon, or even turmeric to go with your favorite spirits the next time you’re out. 

4. Veggies 

cocktailThat green juice craze isn’t just for the health-conscious: It’s made its way into the liquor business as well. Consider ordering a Bloody Mary with beet or root vegetable syrups for added nutrients and an earthy taste. You’ll also spot garden garnishes more frequently, like chives, tomatoes, or even a dash of spinach on these tasty libations.

5. Unrefined Cocktails

Just as foodies are reaching for organic, locally foraged foods, bartenders and drink connoisseurs prefer unrefined cocktails this year. That means simple, crisp spirits and single-origin liquors with easily traceable histories.

To make your own versions of these cocktails, purchase top-shelf liquor from Port Morris Distillery in the Bronx, NY. Call them at (718) 585-3192, or visit their website to learn about their free tastings and tours.

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