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3 Foods to Eat After Working Out May 18, 2017

Gardena, Inglewood
3 Foods to Eat After Working Out, Inglewood, California

Finding the time and motivation to stay fit and lose weight can be a serious challenge. That’s why having the right trainer is imperative. In Gardena, CA, locals trust Matt Kinsela Fitness. As the region’s best resource for weight loss and exercise programs, they educate clients on how to make the most out of their workouts. In particular, they say what you eat immediately following working out can lead to additional health benefits and help you build muscle. 

3 Items You Should Eat After Working Out

1. Protein

Working OutStrenuous exercise starts a breakdown of muscle protein in your system. This can happen quickly, especially if you had an intense session. To avoid losing muscle mass, eat proteins rich in amino acids after working out. Focus on lean proteins like grilled chicken or salmon. If you’re in a rush, try a protein shake, protein bar, or a hardboiled egg.

2. Carbs

Carbohydrates are not always the enemy! In fact, the right carbs are part of a balanced diet. If your exercise involves endurance training, such as a long run, swim, or bike ride, consume carbs afterwards to replenish depleted glycogen stores. Try eating a rice cake with peanut butter, a quinoa salad, or some roasted sweet potatoes as your post-working-out snack. 

3. Healthy Fats

When your body feels especially run down after exercising, indulge in some healthy fats to restore your energy. Pack some nuts or trail mix in your gym bag so you have a little sustenance handy. If it’s meal time, go with fresh avocado over scrambled eggs. 

If you’re based in the Greater Gardena, CA, area, and you’re looking for a weight loss and fitness program customized specifically to your body and goals, turn to Matt Kinsela Fitness. For more information on how their programs will help you achieve optimal health through working out and excellent nutrition, give them a call at (323) 515-8932. 

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