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5 Important Do's & Don’ts of Interior Decorating May 25, 2017

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5 Important Do's & Don’ts of Interior Decorating, Kihei, Hawaii

Interior decorating affords homeowners the ability to be creative with their space. While it’s meant to reflect your personal tastes, there are some common missteps you should avoid to keep your room from looking smaller or creating an unappealing design scheme. The talented team from Beaver Interiors in Kihei, HI, shares some timeless advice on how to style your rooms flawlessly.

5 Interior Decorating Do’s & Don’ts

1. Do: Go Bold in Small Spaces

Instead of applying bold, bright colors to your largest rooms, use them in small spaces instead. Doing so will draw attention to passageways, rooms, and other areas of your home that might have otherwise gone unnoticed, thereby creating an illusion of a larger space.

2. Don’t: Choose White if You Have Kids or Pets

While not necessarily a set-in-stone rule, choosing white rugs, furniture, and fixtures when you have pets or children will only create added work. The all-white design is certainly striking, but messy paws and fingerprints can turn it into more hassle than it’s worth. Instead, choose tans and other light neutrals to achieve a similar interior design (and to disguise dirt).

3. Do: Test Paint Strategically

Too often, homeowners make the mistake of testing paint on just a small section of their walls. Sample it in various spaces (next to fixtures, in the middle of the wall, etc.) and take a look at it with different lighting to make sure it’s the perfect shade for you.

interior decorating4. Don’t: Forget About the Windows

When it comes to enhancing a room’s aesthetic value, nothing compares to natural sunlight. Yet, people often choose blinds with a darkening effect. Or, they may select poorly fitting window treatments. One of the best interior decorating investments you can make is custom window treatments. The options for drapes and blinds are virtually endless, and customizing them allows you to achieve a complementary look. 

5. Do: Keep It Simple

If you question whether you have enough space for a certain element, you’re probably better off skipping it. The saying “less is more” is never truer than in interior design. Implement a few statement pieces, including furniture and décor, but don’t feel the need to fill up the entire area. Empty space is friendly to the eye and makes your rooms appear open and inviting.

The interior decorating experts from Beaver Interiors can provide customized solutions to help your home look its best. Transform your living space by calling (808) 879-5089, or learn more by visiting their website.

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