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5 Ways to Take Advantage of Steel Channel May 17, 2017

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5 Ways to Take Advantage of Steel Channel, Wood, Missouri

Steel channel is a versatile, durable building material that can add strength and longevity to a wide variety of projects. Today, steel channel products provide support for everything from full-scale structures to trailers and cars. Here, the experts from Douglas Steel in Mountain Grove, MO, share five of their favorite ways to use this dynamic material.

5 Ways to Use Steel Channel

1. Roofs

If you need to reinforce a roof, steel channel can be used in rafters for light-duty roofing. It offers the same strength as wood without the risk of rot or decay. Steel channel is also more lightweight and tends to last longer than wood in such applications.

2. Walls

Steel channel is an excellent alternative to traditional wooden studs in walls. Just like in roofing, steel eliminates the possibility of rot and decay and enhances the durability of the structure it serves. Just remember, with steel channel, you’ll need strong screws to hang heavier wall decorations.

3. Added Support

steelWhen steel and wood work together, they can provide a tough and trustworthy structure. Many builders choose to place steel channel around wood beams to combine wood’s easy-to-use nature with the stability of steel—or to create end cap support to hold wood together with confidence.

4. Trailers

If you need a strong trailer for hauling gear, steel channel makes for a cost-effective and lasting choice. With a bit of welding and reinforcing, you can enjoy a trailer that will endure for years.

5. Steel Structures

If you want a structure with unrivaled strength, a steel-framed building is hard to beat. Many choose to use steel channel alongside other steel products for outdoor or industrial structures that must withstand wind and rain.

If you need access to steel channel or custom metal fabrication, get in touch with the professionals at Douglass Steel. They have served the state of Missouri for over 50 years with all the knowledge and resources needed to satisfy their customers. Call them at (417) 926-5589 or visit the website to set up a consultation.

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