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Elko's Top Dentists Share Their Cavity Prevention Tips for Babies May 17, 2017

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Elko's Top Dentists Share Their Cavity Prevention Tips for Babies, Elko, Nevada

Before their first teeth come in, infant oral health should be a priority. Cavity prevention is simpler than it seems, and a regular routine will help your baby’s teeth grow in strong and healthy. Here, the skilled dentists at Elko, NV’s AnyDay Dental share their top cavity prevention tips. 

Cavity Prevention Before Teeth Appear

Before your infant’s first tooth comes in, use a moist washcloth to wipe down their gums. While it only takes a minute, the process makes a remarkable difference in your little one’s oral health by preventing bacteria buildup. Additionally, when babies get used to their mouths being touched, it makes future dental care easier.

Cavity Prevention After Teeth Appear

dentistCavities are on the rise among little ones, making a proper everyday oral health routine paramount from the moment their teeth first appear. Your dentist can provide a baby toothbrush, which has a small head and soft bristles. Don’t use toothpaste right away; all that’s required is water to keep their teeth and gums clean. Dentists recommend waiting until your child reaches age three or four before starting with toothpaste. Cutting down their sugar intake is another easy way to prevent cavities, so emphasize healthy eating habits, too.

Dentistry experts recommend scheduling your child’s first dental care visit before they turn one. To make visits more comfortable for your baby, the dentist will allow you to hold them while their mouths are examined. A regular visit every six months will keep their teeth fresh and clean and ensure cavities are detected early.

If you’re seeking high-quality dentistry for your little one, look no further than AnyDay Dental. No matter what your needs are, their staff of experienced dentists provides children and adults alike with the care required for healthy, standout smiles. Visit their website to learn more, or call (253) 864-7645 to schedule your next appointment today.

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