Seven Hills, Colorado

Economic Game Alert: "Aviation Tycoon" Launches Kickstarter® Campaign on May 16th May 30, 2017

Seven Hills, South Aurora
Economic Game Alert: "Aviation Tycoon" Launches Kickstarter® Campaign on May 16th, South Aurora, Colorado

Colorado game maker Mr. B Games is ready to make flying fun with their latest product in development. Ted Cheatham’s “Aviation Tycoon” is an economic game designed to challenge players with hours of fun and innovative surprises. If you’re ready to fly high and map your route to success, you can be among the first to try this exciting new board game by participating in the company’s upcoming Kickstarter® campaign, scheduled to launch May 16, 2017.

About “Aviation Tycoon”  

economic game Aurora COWhether you’re a tabletop veteran or new to the world of indie board games, “Aviation Tycoon” is sure to please. This economic game turns players into powerful investors who engage in commodity speculation and buy stock in various airline companies. To play the game, participants will fly passengers through a series of routes. Whether you build first-class riches or your profits tumble will depend on how often your vested airlines take profitable routes.

The game uses special event cards to introduce strategic elements, such as double payouts and airport closures. Since each player is given a unique ability, everyone has a chance to influence the outcome of the game.

How to Get Your Ticket to Tabletop Thrills

Having already successfully funded game launches using Kickstarter, Mr. B Games is ready to embark on a new journey with their “Aviation” Tycoon campaign. If you can’t wait to experience this strategy game, pledging your contribution on the crowdfunding platform will support the company’s efforts to produce a high-quality product. As an added bonus, being a backer will also earn you amazing rewards and exclusive updates on the game development process.

The “Aviation Tycoon” Kickstarter campaign is scheduled to launch May 16, 2017, so stay tuned for more information. To get updates on this economic game campaign be sure to follow Mr. B Games on Twitter and Facebook. For more exciting tabletop game action, shop their other titles online.

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