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How Smoking Tobacco Can Damage Your Dental Implants June 7, 2017

How Smoking Tobacco Can Damage Your Dental Implants, Wasilla, Alaska

You already know that smoking tobacco causes bad breath, stained teeth, and a host of potentially life-threatening health complications. However, you may not know that in addition to damaging your oral health, smoking can cause permanent damage to your oral restorations: namely, dental implants. If you or someone you know is a smoker, you’ll want to pay close attention. The dentists at Four Corners Dental Group in Anchorage and Wasilla, AK, encourage everyone to take control of their oral and overall health.

Smoking & Dental Implants

A dental implant procedure involves restoring a severely decayed or damaged tooth root, thereby significantly improving the function and appearance of the smile. It also protects one’s health by helping stave off future infections. Since tobacco contributes to tooth decay, those who smoke may be more susceptible to such problems.dental-implant

Smoking is never good for your teeth, but after a dental implant procedure, studies suggest this habit may be particularly harmful. Researchers found that significantly more smokers suffered failed dental implant procedures than non-smokers. In a sample, about 16% of smokers’ implants failed, compared to 1.4% of non-smokers. While this study doesn’t prove causation, it does suggest a strong connection between failed implants and tobacco use.

Doctors think those who smoke tobacco possess a heightened risk of post-operational infection, which causes the implant to heal more slowly. After the device is implanted in the jaw via surgical methods, it needs at least a few weeks to fuse with the mouth. For an effective procedure, the patient must have satisfactory health, strong gums, and sufficient bone in the mouth.

Seek Quality Care 

Whether you smoke or not, the friendly dentists from Four Corners Dental Group want you to be confident in your smile. For the affordable dental care you deserve, contact the practice today. Call the Anchorage office at (907) 258-3384 or (907) 376-2790 in Wasilla. For more information about the team, check out the website

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