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3 Different Conveyor Options for Feed Mills May 17, 2017

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3 Different Conveyor Options for Feed Mills, Platteville, Wisconsin

A specialized conveyor makes farming tasks more efficient, especially when it comes to handling and storing grain at a feed mill. However, there are lots of choices. If it’s time to update an existing conveyor or add another one for greater productivity, you might be wondering which option will suit your needs.

Here are three different conveyor options for feed mills:

  • Chute Conveyor: This kind of conveyor functions because of gravity, making it relatively inexpensive. With this conveyor, the material is pushed from the top of the chute, and gravity pulls it to the bottom. These types of conveyors can form the shape of a spiral, or the chute can be a straight path. This is an ideal option for anyone who doesn’t have a lot of space to move materials from point A to point B.
  • Chain Conveyor: As its name suggests, a chain conveyor uses moving chains to transport materials or items. The chain must be powered by a motor, which means this could be a costlier option compared to the chute conveyor. But unlike a chute conveyor, the chain ones do not need gravity to function, meaning they can transport grain or other agricultural goods vertically and horizontally.  
  • feed millFlatbed Conveyor: A flatbed conveyor also uses a motor to transport materials. Just like the one at the grocery store checkout, the flatbed conveyor consists of a long, flat belt supported by a slider bed. This type of conveyor allows for more control when transporting goods.


Digman Construction of Platteville, WI, makes handling and storing grain as easy as possible. The family-owned business is led by a farmer, so your agricultural needs will be met with expertise. Turn to them for grain elevator repairs and feed mill storage solutions. Visit their website for a full list of services, or call (608) 348-2231 for an estimate.

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