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3 Qualities to Look for When Buying a Used iPad May 18, 2017

Canton, Canton
3 Qualities to Look for When Buying a Used iPad, Canton, Michigan

Welcome to the age of technology, where your Apple® device is more than just tech; it’s part of your identity. Unfortunately, it can come at an unreasonably high cost. That’s why many customers prefer to buy secondhand and search for a used iPhone® or used iPad®. Enter Experimac Canton. They’re Michigan’s foremost authority on used Apple products. They repair, refurbish and resell everything from iMacs® to iPhones and iPads. 

Before you buy, their team has a few pointers on what to look for in a used iPad.

  • Used iPadWarranty: We all love a great deal, but cost should not be the deciding factor in your purchase. When you look at prices, factor service plans and warranties into your decision. An extended or factory warranty may be money in the bank down the road if your used device fails. Most companies specializing in used or refurbished Apple products will offer you a warranty on their work free of cost.  
  • Cosmetics: Don’t buy a used iPad you haven’t personally inspected. That means searching for cosmetic imperfections such as nicks in the frame, cracks in the screen, touch-screen dead zones and other signs that the item has been dropped or misused. These defects may not be deal breakers, but they should be a warning to prospective buyers.  
  • History: Tech goes missing at an alarming rate. When buying a secondhand device, be sure you know where it came from. Apple’s Activation Lock technology is designed to prevent theft, but it’s a great way to test your seller as well. Have them reset the iPad in front of you. If they can unlock the device to do so, you should be in the clear.

With these guidelines, you’re certain to score a used iPad that’ll suit you. Of course, you could take the guesswork out off the equation and let the used Apple product pros at Experimac Canton walk you through the process. You can visit them online to see their full list of pre-owned Apple gear or call them at (734) 927-4047 to speak to a certified sales rep today. 

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