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​Signs Your Cold Symptoms are Actually the Flu December 17, 2014

Cobble Hill, Brooklyn
​Signs Your Cold Symptoms are Actually the Flu, Brooklyn, New York

For millions of Americans, this time of year means one thing: cold and flu season. When you start sneezing, coughing, and feeling generally ‘blah’, you may fall into one of two camps. Either you’ll be the type to ignore your symptoms and just write them off as signs of a cold, or you may panic after your first sneeze and tell yourself you have the flu. 

At CityMD, we love helping our patients feel better as fast as possible. Whether you’re currently sick or know somebody who is, we’re here to help you determine when you have the cold or the flu on your hands. 

Let’s take a look at cold symptoms vs. flu symptoms:


Swollen sinuses

Sore throat


Runny nose

Stuffy nose

Slight achiness

Occasional headaches

Sometimes feeling tired



Occasional Vomiting

Runny and stuffy nose

Very fatigued

Severe cough



Occasional sore throat

Occasional coughing

So, as you can see, while there are some similarities in symptoms between the cold and the flu, you can typically tell you have the flu if you have a fever, are in a lot of muscle / body pain, and are experiencing chills. A cold typically impacts your respiratory system, which is why you feel the brunt of the symptoms in your nose and throat. The flu is more likely to knock you down and prevent you from being able to get up and go about your typical day.

If you are currently experiencing either cold or flu symptoms, or are still unsure of what you are dealing with, our physicians can help you diagnose your illness and get you back on your feet. We offer immediate care and flu shots, to keep you on the go. Simply fill out this contact form and one of our friendly experts will be in touch with you shortly.