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Summer Music Programs & Beyond: 5 Music Education Benefits May 22, 2017

New York, Richmond
Summer Music Programs & Beyond: 5 Music Education Benefits, New York, New York

Music education is not the afterthought it once was, as more and more research reveals the wonderful benefits music classes offer children. By participating in music classes at school or engaging in summer music programs, kids will enjoy a wealth of advantages that stay with them for the rest of their lives. Learn why music is so important to child growth and development whether they choose a career in the field or not.

Discover why music is more than just an extracurricular activity:

  • Emotional & Cognitive Growth: Music elicits emotional responses, including feelings of joy and elation, sadness and contemplativeness, among others. It’s an outlet that helps children grow on an emotional level, which frequently gives way to cognitive growth.

  • summer music programsSocialization: Participating in summer music programs and similar classes provides children with the chance to meet like-minded peers. It offers social opportunities that can result in lasting relationships.

  • Language Evolution: Music encourages left-side brain development, which is responsible for processing language. It helps children learn new words and provides tools for ensuring they remember new concepts and information.

  • Stress Relief: The outlet music offers also serves as an escape from the stress of school and life in general. Children and teens who practice musical instruments or sing regularly often comment on the relief and relaxation it brings.

  • Improved Self-Confidence: Research indicates children who study music enjoy more confidence. An increase in self-esteem makes them more likely to make healthy choices that don’t involve alcohol, tobacco and drug use.


Discuss these and other reasons to enroll your child in music education classes at DEA Music and Art. The center features three locations in New York and one in London, England, all of which offer guitar lessons, piano lessons, violin lessons and summer music programs among other creativity-promoting options. Call (718) 876-5223 to learn more about summer music programs or visit their website for additional information about music and art classes. Like the center on Facebook for the latest videos and updates.