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A Transmission Service Shares 3 Signs Your Fluid Is Low May 17, 2017

East Haven, New Haven County
A Transmission Service Shares 3 Signs Your Fluid Is Low, East Haven, Connecticut

Low transmission fluid is a common issue that can cause a wide variety of vehicle malfunctions. To avoid this problem, Affordable Transmissions in New Haven, CT, recommends scheduling regular inspections with their professional transmission service and keeping an eye out for some key indicators there’s an issue. 

Here are three warning signs your transmission fluid level may be low:

  • Strange Car Movements: While your vehicle is in motion, you should experience a smooth ride. However, low transmission fluid levels can result in sudden slips and jerking motions in the car’s movement. If you notice these issues, it’s time to schedule service with a transmission shop for a checkup.
  • transmission serviceHigh Temperatures: Transmission fluid ensures the vehicle’s moving components are well lubricated and don’t overheat. If you’ve recently noticed an inexplicable increase in your car’s temperature, it could be caused by a depletion of fluids. An overheated transmission could experience extensive damage if it’s not taken care of quickly.
  • Failure to Engage: Without enough transmission fluid, your gears won’t shift properly. If you’ve noticed your vehicle isn’t operating like normal, bring it to a transmission service provider to make sure your fluid levels aren’t low.

Keeping your fluid levels filled is an essential part of automobile maintenance, especially if you want to extend the life of your vehicle and avoid paying for a transmission replacement. To schedule an appointment with the transmission service experts at Affordable Transmissions, call (203) 466-6580. Visit them online for a comprehensive list of services.