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3 Ways Private Violin Lessons Can Help Your Child May 23, 2017

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3 Ways Private Violin Lessons Can Help Your Child, Honolulu, Hawaii

Private violin lessons provide children a unique opportunity to study music and master a classical instrument. As your child prepares for their academic career, Aloha Music School in Honolulu, HI, invites you to visit their facility and speak with their teachers about the benefits of taking instrument lessons. With 13 years of experience and 15 instructors on staff, their music school is fully capable of teaching your child how to play a stringed instrument and foster their ongoing development and growth.

How Private Violin Lessons Benefit Children

1. Preparation for the Hawaii Youth Symphony

The earlier you provide your child with an opportunity to learn an instrument, the more likely they are to develop an affinity for music and pursue the discipline. Aloha Music School accepts students from the age of three, and their lessons are customized based on their skill level. If desired, their instructors can prepare your kid for admission into the Hawaii Youth Symphony.

2. Acceptance Into Elite Private Schools

violin lessonsEducational institutions typically look for well-rounded applicants that exhibit a range of talents. Taking private violin lessons from an early age can increase your child’s chances of being accepted into one of these schools, thus opening up opportunities for university and their career.

3. Development of a Variety of Skills

Studying at a music school is an excellent way to build social, emotional and cognitive skills in children. These skills aren’t just beneficial for academics either; they’re transferable and important for their success in social contexts in school and beyond.

Enrolling your child in private violin lessons will give them the head start they need to meet their goals and succeed in their pursuits. To learn more about Aloha Music School, call (808) 728-6713 or visit them online for an inventory of their instrument rentals and a complete overview of their program offerings, including cello, piano, guitar and electone lessons.

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