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Why It’s Better to Eat Pizza at a Locally Owned Restaurant May 16, 2017

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Why It’s Better to Eat Pizza at a Locally Owned Restaurant, Chili, New York

No matter where you live, most areas are not in short supply of pizza options. However, when it comes to choosing one, there is something to be said for selecting a local, family-owned pizzeria over a large chain. Below are just some of the benefits you’ll reap when you visit one of these smaller establishments.

3 Benefits of Eating at a Local, Family-Owned Pizza Place

1. Higher-Quality Ingredients

Since most pizza chains have to use specific suppliers to keep all the ingredients at their locations the same, they typically have to ship them in from a great distance. This means their produce will have to be refrigerated or frozen for several days, which can really lower the quality of the pizza.

This is not something you will find at a neighborhood pizza restaurant. Many of these establishments partner with area farmers and markets to purchase locally sourced ingredients. This might mean their menu changes to match the produce in season, but you can rest assured the pizza will be fresh. 

2. Local Economy Boost

pizza rochester nySupporting a local pizzeria helps keep the money you spend in your area. Since they are probably purchasing goods from local suppliers and hiring area residents, this boosts the town’s economy. When more people support local establishments, it builds stability in the region.

3. An Owner’s Presence

It’s highly unlikely you’ll ever visit a chain pizza restaurant and meet the owner, or at least the person who started the business. This is not the case at family-owned pizza places. More often than not, you’ll find several generations of family members behind the counter, taking orders and baking pies. Their restaurant is their life, and they truly care how your experience goes when you visit their establishment.


To see the difference eating at a local, family-owned pizza restaurant makes, come experience it for yourself today at Colombini’s Pizza & Deli in Rochester, NY. Everything on the menu is made fresh on a daily basis, and they’ll ensure your pizza is nothing short of completely delicious. For more information, call them at (585) 889-2213 or visit their website.

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