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3 Home Remodeling Projects That Require the Help of an Electrical Contractor May 16, 2017

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3 Home Remodeling Projects That Require the Help of an Electrical Contractor, Fort Dodge, Iowa

Renovations are essential for keeping your home up to code and retaining its property value. Taking the time to fix loose doorknobs and replace broken windows will improve the aesthetic appeal of your household and make it more comfortable to live in. But while you may be able to apply a fresh coat of paint or fix a leaky faucet on your own, some remodeling projects should be left to the professionals.

Below, the electricians from Bemrich Electric and Telephone in Fort Dodge, IA list several home renovation projects that require the help of an electrical contractor.

You’ll Need an Electrical Contractor For These 3 Home Remodeling Projects 

1. Installing Outdoor Walkway Lights

Illuminating the path or walkway to your door can add a warm, welcoming appeal to your home. You can install small lanterns along the walkway for a subtle look, or string lights from garden trees for a touch of whimsy. In either case, you should contact a professional electrical contractor to help you with the project. Using their expertise, they’ll properly wire and arrange the lights to avoid a short or power surge in your home.

2. Upgrading Your Electrical Panel

It’s common for older homes to come with an outdated electrical panel. If this is the case in your home, you may notice your breakers tripping or fuses blowing out more often than they should. This occurs because the internal wiring and circuitry in your home are not suited to meet the electrical demands of many newer appliances. Upgrading your electrical panel will help to resolve this issue. However, this job should only be completed by a trained electrician. Changing or updating an electrical panel requires complex knowledge of electrical systems. To prevent personal injury or causing extensive damage to the electricity in your home, leave this job to the pros.

3. Installing New Light Fixtures or Ceiling Fans

Installing a new ceiling fan or adding some electrical contractortrack lighting in your bathroom will help to modernize and refresh your home. Although these may sound like DIY jobs, there’s a great deal of wiring involved in these projects. Unless you have some electrical experience, it’s best to contact an electrical contractor to ensure the job is done safely and correctly.

If you need help with your next home remodeling or renovation project, contact Bemrich Electric and Telephone at (515) 955-3257 to schedule a consultation with one of their electrical contractors. For information about their other services including installing wireless networks and fiber optic systems, visit them online.

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