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Local Medical Care Experts Share 5 Tips to Reduce Sodium Intake May 23, 2017

Washington Heights, Manhattan
Local Medical Care Experts Share 5 Tips to Reduce Sodium Intake, Manhattan, New York

The National Kidney Foundation found that American’s eat 50% more salt than the daily recommendation. This increased amount of sodium leads to high blood pressure, heart, kidney, and brain diseases. Often, it is hard to determine how to limit your intake to ensure you are not consuming more than the recommended amount. The medical care providers at 181st Street Urgent Care Center in New York City offers the following tips to help you reduce your sodium intake and improve your diet and your health.

Below, the medical care staff shares five tips to reduce your sodium intake:

  • medical careCheck Labels: Start reading nutritional labels to check for sodium levels.  All labels have the sodium content listed, and you can compare brands to find the item you want with the lowest amount.
  • Put Down the Salt Shaker: It is easy to reach for the salt shaker before you even taste your meal. Be aware of how much added salt you are putting on your food, and try to reduce the number of times you reach for that salt shaker.
  • Prepare Your Own Food: Anything with a long shelf life is often high in sodium. Limit buying packaged, prepared, or canned goods and instead plan and prep your own meals. This will ensure you are in control of the amount of salt added to your food.
  • Choose Fresh Foods: Fresh foods that aren’t preserved are going to have a much lower salt content. Adding fresh fruits and vegetables to your diet will not only help you get your fruits and veggies that medical care experts recommend, but they are a great addition to a low sodium diet.
  • Add Spice: Salt does make food taste good, but you don’t have to sacrifice taste when limiting your salt intake. Adding spices to your meals instead will pack a lot of flavor and not a lot of sodium. Just make sure the spices don’t list sodium on their packaging.

Reducing your sodium intake will go a long way to improving your health and limiting your need for medical care. If you are interested in learning more about a low sodium diet, call 181st Street Urgent Care at (347) 756-6000 to speak to a member of their bilingual staff. For more on all their services, including pediatric or urgent medical care, visit them online.