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Which Should be Installed First: Windows or Siding? May 26, 2017

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Which Should be Installed First: Windows or Siding?, Orchard Park, New York

New windows and siding dramatically increase a home’s curb appeal and have the power to turn potential buyers into homeowners. If you are having trouble deciding which to install first, take some advice from the window contractors at Modern Window of New York. The Buffalo-based company specializes in energy-efficient windows as well as repairs and replacements to keep your utility costs down and your home’s aesthetic value up.

Which One Should You Install First?

Windows First

Iwindow contractort is generally better to install windows before siding, even if you are commissioning both at the same time. Installing windows first makes it easy for your window contractor to secure them and add protective coverings to each frame. This covering is known as capping and protects exposed exterior window frames throughout the installation process. Capping is usually made of aluminum.

Damage & Extra Cost Prevention

Removing old siding can damage capping materials on your old windows. If you decide to keep your windows for awhile, you will have to pay for recapping. You will also have to pay for capping when new windows are installed. Rather than paying to protect your window frames twice, simply wait for window installation before putting up new siding. This is especially important if your home features numerous windows, as it can save you hundreds of dollars.

Another reason to install windows before siding is the former’s moisture barrier. Installation of windows’ moisture barriers could call for siding removal. If you recently put up new siding, you will be paying to have it removed and reinstalled.

Discuss your siding and window project with the talented team at Modern Window of New York to create an installation schedule that benefits your home’s aesthetic. The premier window contractor has proudly served western New York and northern Pennsylvania for more than 20 years and remains dedicated to high-quality work and exceptional customer service. Call (716) 873-8800 to schedule a consultation or visit the company’s website for a complete list of products and services. Like the window contractor on Facebook for more great tips.

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