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A Paving Company Explains How the Elements Can Damage Your Driveway May 17, 2017

Cranston, Providence County
A Paving Company Explains How the Elements Can Damage Your Driveway, Cranston, Rhode Island

Your driveway endures the weight of heavy vehicles, yet endless driving and parking are not the only sources of damages this paved surface is exposed to. The elements play a substantial role in the breakdown of driveway paving efforts. Patches provide a temporary remedy, but cracks and holes eventually require repairs, if not a total driveway replacement. Learning how the elements affect your driveway is the best way to keep this often-used surface in good condition.

3 Elements That Affect Your Driveway Paving Job

1. Heat

The sun beating down on your driveway every day eventually causes the color to fade. If your driveway is unsealed and exposed to heat for a prolonged amount of time, this can cause the surface to break apart and crack, among other issues. Cracks of all sizes create areas for rainwater, ice, and snow to pool and cause further damage.

2. Ice & Snow

pavingMelting snow and ice can infiltrate even the smallest cracks and fissures in your driveway during the winter. They freeze in these cracks during the cold weather and thaw in the springtime sun, resulting in wider cracks and even holes. This freeze-thaw process is one of the biggest element-related problems in terms of driveway paving. Deicing products also contribute to this issue.

3. Soil

The earth itself causes concrete and asphalt paving problems. Soil erosion is one of the reasons a driveway sinks. Driveways can sink by 4 to 8 inches if the damage is severe enough. Underlying root systems also contribute to driveway damage, as they create raised, cracked bumps that look unsightly and make the surface unsafe for walking.

Sealing your driveway with the right product and keeping up with your recommended resealing schedule will prevent the elements from wreaking too much havoc. Planning driveway paving away from large trees with extensive root systems also keeps the elements from prematurely damaging this essential hardscape component.


Work with the paving experts at Beausoleil & Sons to keep your driveway in pristine condition for years. The family-owned and -operated paving company has proudly served Rhode Island for over 40 years. Call (800) 995-4945 today for a free estimate, or visit them online for more information about their residential and commercial paving services. 

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