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How Does an Automatic Transmission Work? May 15, 2017

Grand Island, Hall
How Does an Automatic Transmission Work?, Grand Island, Nebraska

It's easy to take an automatic transmission for granted. After all, if your transmission is working properly, you never have to think about it at all. However, the technology that allows your car to shift smoothly without any direction from you is a true miracle of engineering, with a staggering number of moving parts that all have to work together seamlessly to move your car down the highway.

The Torque Converter

automatic transmissionThe torque converter sits in a bell housing between your engine and transmission, which is filled with transmission fluid. In an automatic transmission, this hydraulic mechanism replaces the clutch standard gearboxes depend on. You might be surprised to find that there's no direct connection between your engine and the transmission—instead, the engine crankshaft turns the bell housing, which causes the transmission fluid inside to move, delivering power to the transmission.

The Planetary Gears

Inside the transmission is a complex arrangement of gears, configured a little like a solar system. A small sun gear sits in the middle, with other planet gears engaged around it, and a large ring gear encircling all of the planet gears. Some types of automatic transmissions have two planetary gear systems, giving them more power transmission options, but they all work by preventing some components from moving independently and delivering the proper amount of power to the wheels. Unlike a manual transmission, you don't have to engage a new gear to change the gear ratio because all of the components are constantly engaged with one another.



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