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Stump Grinding or Removal: Which Is Right for You? May 16, 2017

York, York
Stump Grinding or Removal: Which Is Right for You?, York, South Carolina

After tree removal, a stump is usually left behind. While there are instances of trees growing back from these stumps, they often do not. However, they can cause other problems, as they are trip hazards and may attract insects. According to Childers Tree Service in York, SC, you need to fully clear the stump from your yard, and this is typically done in one of two ways: stump grinding or removal.

Stump Grinding

stump grinding york scAfter the tree is cut to the ground level, professionals will employ a tool called a stump grinder to do exactly what it sounds like; break the stump into small pieces until it is a few inches below the ground. They will then cover the area with dirt, and over time, any remaining stump and its roots should decay.

Stump grinding is highly recommended for older, larger trees. These trees have vast root systems that are incredibly difficult to remove. You should also choose this option when you need an economical approach.

Stump Removal

In this technique, the tree removal service removes the entire stump along with the roots. Since the roots tend to be expansive — in some cases four times larger than the tree — this can be a lengthy and difficult process. Once the contractors have finished removing the tree, you will most likely have a large hole in your yard.

Choose this method if you’re planning to build over the land. If a tree has recently been knocked over in your yard, leaving the roots partially visible, you may also want stump removal to get rid of the entire thing.

When you want to remove a fallen or dead tree from your property, you can rest assured Childers Tree Service will also take care of the stump. To contact them about their stump grinding service today, call (803) 627-3157. Visit their website to learn more their tree removal services.

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