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Why Ice Cream Catering Is Ideal for Celebrating Your Graduate's Big Day May 19, 2017

Patchogue, Brookhaven
Why Ice Cream Catering Is Ideal for Celebrating Your Graduate's Big Day, Brookhaven, New York

With graduation time just around the corner, you want to make your student’s special event one they always will remember. While backyard barbecues are typical celebrations, you can make them even more special with ice cream catering from Sub Zero Ice Cream in Patchogue, NY. The ice cream shop explains how their frozen desserts will spice up any summer party. 

Why You Should Consider Ice Cream Catering

With most summer celebrations occurring outdoors, attendees need to stay cool. Whether the festivities include music and dancing or a dip in a pool, everyone loves to have a refreshing treat on a warm day, making ice cream an ideal dessert choice. With vegan, gluten-free, and allergy-friendly options available, SubZero Ice Cream offers something to appeal to every guest.

What SubZero Ice Cream Offers

Ice cream catering Long Island NYThe innovators at SubZero Ice Cream create frozen desserts like you’ve never seen them before. They make their products to order and blast them with liquid nitrogen at minus-321 degrees to freeze them on the spot. Their skilled ice cream catering staff will put on a show, entertaining guests as they prepare the custom-made flavor combination of their choice. The company can provide catering at almost any venue, from indoor gatherings to outdoor summer spectacles.

With frozen desserts to tantalize anyone’s taste buds and an extensive selection of mix-ins, ice cream catering from SubZero Ice Cream lets party attendees create treats exactly how they crave them. With endless flavors available, from fresh strawberry to mouthwatering birthday cake, there’s no better way to celebrate on a warm spring or summer day. You even can order frozen cakes and pies in any flavor combination — just ask! SubZero Ice Cream will gladly accommodate your treat selection.

If ice cream catering sounds like an ideal way to add excitement to your next big event, discover the extensive menu offered by SubZero Ice Cream in Patchogue, NY. Call (631) 307-9747 to arrange a consultation and stay up to date with Long Island’s go-to dessert source on Facebook, Twitter, and Google+.

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