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Why We Chose Braids November 23, 2014

Suitland-Silver Hill, Spauldings
Why We Chose Braids, Spauldings, Maryland

African-Americans own the African Hair Braiding styles. However, these hairstyles trend is gaining popularity and is admired by millions of people around the world. For African-Americans, what makes the hairstyle so fascinating and popular? Contrary to what many may believe, the hairstyle was first developed and trended in the African American community because it's easy to maintain. With proper care, and depending on the extent of the braids, African Hair Braiding styles can last up to one month, or longer.

For many women, this saves time and money spent at their favorite salon. The process can take up to eight hours to complete. However, once completed, very little maintenance is needed. What millions of women consider to be a bad hair day becomes a temporary thing of the past.

Braiding Styles from Which to Choose

There are hundreds of styles from which to choose. The only limitation imposed is the creative talent of the hairstylist, the shape of the customer's face, hair texture, hair length and how much the customer is willing to spend. A qualified and talented hair braider is usually able to offer a variety of hair braiding styles and quickly adapt to the customer's preferences. At the Hair Braiding Club (
Most Natural Hair Styles like The Fluffy Twist and Spring Twist are done in under 4 hours.

The process begins by thoroughly cleaning and conditioning the customer's hair. Cleansing helps minimize any potential hair damage and since the braids will be in for a while, it is recommended to wash and shampoo before braiding. To date, the most popular braiding styles include cornrows, box braids and pixie braids.

Tight Braids Can Be Painful

The only downside to hair braiding is that it can be painful to some. Hair braiding stays intact for several weeks or even months, because the braids are tightly wound. In some instances, the weave can be done too tightly. If you notice a bump at the base of your cornrow or braid, your braids are likely wound too tightly and should be loosened or removed completely. If the braid is causing a slight discomfort by pulling the scalp, you can ease the discomfort by loosening them.

Maintaining Hair Braids

Maintaining your braids is easy. Wash your hair gently, as schedules, and oil your scalp every several days. Heavy conditioners should be avoided. For best results, consult with your hairstylist on how to maintain and properly care for your braids. In Metro DC call the Hair Braiding Club at or call them at 301-640-5666

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