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Your Guide to the Wisdom Tooth Diet June 2, 2017

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Your Guide to the Wisdom Tooth Diet, Anchorage, Alaska

In the past, people considered wisdom teeth a spare set of molars since it was common for adults to lose teeth due to malnutrition and poor oral health. Today, wisdom teeth are considered vestigial organs that can do more harm than good, causing problems like crooked teeth, impaction, and infection. These issues can be avoided by undergoing oral surgery to remove the teeth, but many people are confused about how to care for their mouth following the procedure. While you may be familiar with pre-operation fasting, you may have some questions about the wisdom tooth diet you need to adhere to after surgery.

What Is the Wisdom Tooth Diet?

oral surgery Anchorage AKAfter oral surgery, you will have incisions and stitches where your wisdom teeth once were. Oral surgeons recommend eating soft, room temperature foods after surgery to protect these wounds and promote healing. Foods like smoothies, yogurt, cottage cheese, and smooth soups give your body the calcium, vitamins, and protein it needs to stay healthy without injuring the surgical sites.

Why Is This Diet Important After Oral Surgery?

Although it might seem harmless to snack on a few crackers or chips following surgery, hard foods can become lodged in the incision, increasing your risk of infection. Drinking through a straw is also prohibited, as the sucking motion can dislodge beneficial blood clots and slow your healing.

To avoid complications, don’t resume your normal diet until your oral surgeon gives you clearance to do so. You may have to follow your soft foods diet for up to two weeks following oral surgery.


If you’re scheduled for oral surgery to remove your wisdom teeth, the team at Oral Surgery Associates of Alaska in Anchorage will provide the care you need to protect your mouth and heal comfortably. In addition to teeth extractions, they also offer a variety of cosmetic dental care treatments to enhance your smile. For more information about their practice, visit their website or call (907) 561-1430.

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