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Liberty Safes: What Are They & Why Might You Need One? May 5, 2017

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Liberty Safes: What Are They & Why Might You Need One?, Barnesville, Ohio

You might have certain possessions that you want to keep protected from prying eyes and dangerous conditions. For your valuables and other items warranting discretion, you should consider purchasing a secure storage solution from Liberty Safes. Liberty Safes is one of the leading producers of heavy duty safes and vaults in the country.  With over 30 different models including fireproof, home, and commercial vaults, this brand of safe is ideal for any home or business owner.

Below, Flag Floors of Barnesville, a flooring company and authorized Liberty Safes dealer in Barnesville, OH, lists several reasons why you might need a safe or vault: 

To Protect Important Documents

A safe is a perfect location to store important, original documents such as birth certificates, the deed to your home, passports, and your will. These documents are incredibly difficult to replace if lost or stolen, and storing them in a bank vault leaves them too far out of reach in the event of an emergency. Purchasing a fireproof safe from Liberty Safes allows you to securely store these items in your home without fear of loss, theft, or damage.

For Safe-Keeping of Valuables

Liberty SafesImportant valuables such as priceless heirloom jewelry, rare coins, one-of-a-kind collectibles, and money should also be stored in a vault for secure keeping. Some of these items may have sentimental value or can be used as currency in the event of an emergency, so it is important to keep them guarded.

To Keep Firearms Out of Reach

In addition to creating safes for storing valuables and personal belongings, Liberty Safes also manufactures gun safes. These vaults are designed to store handguns and other firearms securely. Studies have shown that improper gun storage too often results in tragedy for children. A gun safe allows you to responsibly exercise your second amendment rights without potentially endangering your family.

If you are interested in purchasing a safe for your home or business, call (740) 425-3344 to speak to a Flag Floors employee about your options. For information on other Flag Floors services including carpet installation and vinyl flooring, visit them online.