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Guide to Backyard Tree Damage: What to Do After a Severe Storm May 12, 2017

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Guide to Backyard Tree Damage: What to Do After a Severe Storm, Snow Hill, Missouri

The torrential rain, lightning, and howling wind that accompanies severe storms can wreak havoc on your landscape and cause extensive tree damage. Cleanup in the aftermath of such harsh weather can be a grueling and dangerous task. Luckily, the trusted team at K V Tree Service in Troy, MO, is armed with the expertise to handle breakage and removal issues of all shapes and sizes. Here, these dedicated arborists provide a guide to dealing with downed trees after a storm.

Guide to Tree Damage Caused by Severe Weather

What Types of Tree Damage Do Storms Cause?

High winds alone are enough to sever tree limbs and branches. Combined with hours or days of heavy rain, wind has the potential to completely uproot trees, or cause them to fall over. Another possible storm threat is hail, which can strike trunks and branches and harm your trees’ internal cambial tissue, which is responsible for cell growth. Dangling limbs, fallen trees, and concealed tree damage all create dangerous conditions for a residential landscape.

Why Should You Call a Tree Specialist?

tree damageTree removal is a treacherous undertaking for an unassuming homeowner who doesn’t have access to professional-grade equipment. That’s why it’s best to leave the cleanup to a certified team who can remove further risks to your property. Trimming can be equally dangerous, especially if it demands work in a tree’s canopy. Aside from the issue of personal safety, tree damage calls for the skills of a qualified arborist who can determine if each plant is salvageable. Tree specialists will not only work to preserve tree health, they will restore the beauty of your landscape with specialized pruning techniques.

Preventative maintenance is your best defense against tree damage from storms. Before severe summer weather hits, let the fully licensed and insured specialists at K V Tree Service evaluate and care for the trees on your landscape. Applying decades of experience, their expertly trained team will safeguard against potential hazards and enhance your backyard with meticulous trimming and pruning. Call today at (314) 423-5842 for an estimate, and go online to learn more about their emergency services.