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What to Expect From a Dog Grooming Appointment May 23, 2017

Mulberry, Miami
What to Expect From a Dog Grooming Appointment, Miami, Ohio


Dog grooming is a great way to keep pets healthy and looking their best. But if you’re a new dog owner or you’ve never had a chance to use dog grooming services, you might be wondering which services are included and what to expect. Below, the experts from Shar-Jo's Pet Styling & In-Home Pet Sitting in Milford, OH, share what you can expect at a dog grooming appointment.


The first thing a groomer will do is prep your dog. This usually includes an inspection of the fur and skin to see which grooming techniques would be best suited for your dog. Likewise, the inspection will allow your dog groomer to check for any skin conditions that might require medical treatment. The inspection will include a good brushing, as well as nail clipping, nail filing, and an ear cleaning.


dog groomingAfter your dog is prepped, your groomer will begin removing any tangles in your dog’s fur or troublesome matting, in addition to giving them a trim. This not only makes your dog’s fur look better, but regular brushing and detangling encourage a healthier coat and skin for your dog. Matted areas can sometimes cause discomfort, so detangling fur and removing matting will ensure your dog is happy and healthy.

Dog Washing

After your groomer takes care of nails and fur, they will begin shampooing your dog. The groomer can use a variety of different shampoos, depending on your dog’s specific needs. For example, some dogs have oily coats that require a special shampoo or conditioner that lifts oil from the skin and fur. Similarly, some dogs require a gentle wash due to sensitive skin conditions. Dog groomers understand that sometimes your pet can be nervous during this process, so they aim to pamper your pet every step of the way.

The trusted staff at Shar­Jo's Pet Styling & In-Home Pet Sitting has been serving local residents for over 38 years. They have experience working with all kinds of animals—your furry loved one will be treated with care and respect. For more information, visit their website for a list of dog grooming services, or give them a call at (513) 831-9457.

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