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5 Ways a Home Care Provider Can Alleviate Holiday Stress For Seniors December 3, 2014

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5 Ways a Home Care Provider Can Alleviate Holiday Stress For Seniors, St. George, Utah

Visiting Angels in St. George, UT, an in-house elder care service specializing in care-giving and senior companionship, knows that with the stress of the holidays just around the corner, now might be a good time to consider hiring an in-home caregiver for your elderly loved one.

Here, the experienced caregivers from Visiting Angels explain how in-home care can relieve seniors’ stress during the holiday season:

  • They can provide companionship: Research shows that many seniors become particularly depressed around the holiday season. Thus, having companionship during this often difficult time of year can help alleviate the feelings of loneliness that many elderly people experience.
  • They can handle the extra holiday tasks: Many seniors do enjoy celebrating the holidays, but find they don’t have the energy to keep up with everything. Caregivers can help with running errands, cleaning, and meal prep, thereby allowing your loved ones to reserve their energy for writing cards, decorating the home or attending religious services.
  • They can help inspire fond memories: Studies show that seniors who reminisce about holidays gone by are more likely to experience happiness during the holidays than those who do not. To this end, a caregiver will often bring special holiday music to their client’s homes, which can help conjure up fond memories. By sharing memories of their past, seniors can find a way to connect with the ones they love in the present.
  • They can alleviate the stress of transportation: Inclement weather can be a huge obstacle for even the most active seniors. Caregivers can help alleviate this stress by running errands, or by accompanying the senior on errands. Whatever kind of assistance your loved one needs, a caregiver can provide it.
  • They can encourage healthy behavior: The holidays can be filled with fatty foods, alcohol, and a packed schedule of events. An in-home caregiver can help encourage regular rest time and healthy eating.

Making a decision on hiring in-home care is personal, and it requires time and consideration. However, there are many advantages to providing a caregiver to the elderly loved one in your life just in time for the holidays. For more information on hiring in-home care, contact Visiting Angels at (435) 674-3434, or visit their website.

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