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Why I Married A Funeral Director May 4, 2017

Why I Married A Funeral Director, Wagoner, Oklahoma

Why I Married A Funeral Director

I have been asked several times over the past eighteen years of being married to the local funeral director Jason Shipman how we met and what brought our two souls together. Well our story began while we were in high school Jason was sixteen years old in tenth grade and I was seventeen and a senior in high school. I truly believe it was a God ordained meeting when we both became acquainted with one another. I had plans on graduating high school in just a few months and moving back to Oregon to start my adult life. But that is not what God had in mind, once Jason and I began to get to know more about one another the deeper we feel in love. I truly didn't know what type of business Jason's parents were in or what his goals and ambitions were in life were at this point in our relationship. It wasn't until we were together for several months that I realized what it was that his parents did and what he wanted to do. I will never forget the day that Jason and I were headed out on a date and on our way he pulled into a funeral home. I thought to myself well I've made him mad now, then he pulled around back and asked me to wait in the car. As I patiently waited I became just a little bit nervous. Finally he got back into the car and I started with the hundreds of questions of why are we here, what were you doing, and exactly just who are you. I never dreamed in a thousand years that I would have met much less married a funeral director. But I can honestly say that over the years of knowing Jason he makes the absolute best funeral director. He's very kind, passionate, patient, understanding and loving on so many different levels. So the question of what is it like to be married to a funeral director comes ever now and again and the answer is it's absolutely amazing. I am very grateful that not only are we married but we are able to work together at the funeral home with one another as well as on our farm. I couldn't imagine my life any other way and I am very grateful that God seen fit to bless me with such an outstanding husband and dad for our kids.

Written By: Anita J. Shipman

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