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Explaining to Your Loved One They Require Home Health Care May 26, 2017

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Explaining to Your Loved One They Require Home Health Care, Hebron, Connecticut

The conversation with a loved one about accepting in-home health care can be a difficult one, as most seniors are reluctant to admit they need assistance. They may not notice the changes in their behavior or lifestyle, and it’s up to you to help them understand how this support can make life better for them. Staff Mates Homecare has a compassionate and experienced staff to give your loved one the care they need in the comfort of their own Hebron, Connecticut, home. Follow their tips below to make the conversation with your loved one a little easier.

A Guide to an In-Home Health Care Conversation

What is Home Health Care?

A caregiver will come to your loved one’s home and provide personalized assistance based on their unique needs. Do they need help getting to regular appointments or a professional who can administer treatment at home? Home care providers can also assist with taking care of the house, such as light cleaning and laundry.

in-home health careWhy Is It a Good Option?

This is the core of what you’ll need to explain this choice to your loved one. One of the greatest benefits of in-home health care is they can retain their independence and live in their home. Often the only alternative is moving to a nursing home or assisted living facility.

How to Discuss it With Them: Points to Make

Focus on any incidents that have already happened. Have they had a fall or accident recently? Explain how care can avoid another incident in the future and any pain or lengthy recovery that would follow. Often the most difficult part for a senior is admitting they need help. If they still live with a spouse, explain how a caregiver could benefit that spouse. Or you can only focus on yourself: talk about how worried you are all the time, and how private home care will ease your anxiety. Come prepared with a list of the benefits home care assistance will offer them. Talk about how they won’t forget to take medication again, how in-home care will save money compared to a nursing home, or how they will avoid more trips to the doctor’s office by having an aide come to them.

Once you’ve spoken to your loved one about accepting their needed in-home health care, you’ll want to find the right company to provide that care. Staff Mates Homecare has a caring and knowledgeable staff to provide the best possible assistance. Contact them at (860) 228-4321 to talk about your loved one’s unique needs today. You can also view a listing of services provided by their home care personnel on their website.

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