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Auto Salvage Experts Share Tips on Recycling Your Old Car May 17, 2017

Russellville, Pope
Auto Salvage Experts Share Tips on Recycling Your Old Car, Russellville, Arkansas

Recycling your old car is not only good for the environment, but it can also be the most convenient way for you to get it off your hands while earning some cash at the same time. Most auto salvage companies offer free pickup for busy car owners, saving them time and energy.

Barefield’s Auto Salvage is the most trusted auto recycler in Russellville, Arkansas. Their experience in correctly handling used car parts ensures you get quality recycling services whenever you need it.

Below are some of the top tips you need to know when recycling your car:

  • Ask Around to Find a Reputable Recycler: When shopping for an auto recycling center, be sure to ask around within your community. Fellow car owners should have valuable insight on which auto recycler offers the best and most convenient services.

  • Ask About Tax Deductions: Some recycling centers partner with charitable organizations. By donating your old car, you can take advantage of these deductions once tax season rolls around. It’s important to remember that not all auto salvage centers offer this benefit, so be sure to clarify to avoid any confusion.

  • auto salvageKnow What to Do With Your License Plate: Each state has different regulations about recycling license plates. Some areas allow car owners to use their existing license plate on their new vehicle while others require you to take it to the nearest DMV. Research the procedure or contact your state’s Department of Motor Vehicles for more information.

  • Ask for Proof of Recycling: A reputable auto salvage yard should be able to offer proof of recycling in the form of a certificate once it reaches the place where the vehicle will be salvaged. If this isn’t volunteered by your recycler, be sure to ask about it.

Aside from the significant benefit to the environment, auto recycling also has a lot to offer both you and your community. Learn more about car recycling by calling Barefield’s Auto Salvage at (479) 967-3109. You may also visit their website to find high-quality used auto parts.

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