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5 Facts to Know When You Build Your Own House May 26, 2017

Kailua, Koolaupoko
5 Facts to Know When You Build Your Own House, Koolaupoko, Hawaii

There comes a time in everyone’s life when you want to put down roots, and the best way to do that is to buy a home. If you’re looking to get exactly what you want in a home, it might be time to build your own house

R. Clary Builders in Kailua, HI, has been designing, building, and remodeling homes throughout Oahu for over 30 years, and their licensed contractors have built an island-wide reputation for their focus on the customer experience, especially those who want to build their own house.

Who wouldn’t want to build a new house in Oahu? Before you break ground in paradise, here’s a few important factors you need to consider. 

5 Factors to Know When You Build Your Own House

1. Know the Process

You’re building a new structure, and there are a million ins and outs of that process, from zoning permits and building materials to design decisions and money matters. Things can spin out of control quickly, but you can help smooth the process by fully understanding what you’re getting into and being able to communicate with your contractors.  

2. Know the Builder

You’re trusting them with your time, your money, and, yes, your home. You need to know who you’re getting into business with. Check the message boards, get first-hand testimonials from previous clients, and if you can, find some properties they’ve built in the past and make a trip to check them out.  

3. Be Patient

Build Your Own HouseOnce you’ve settled on the right builder, you’re still going to need a big dose of patience once the building is under way. Problems will arise and delays are inevitable — but be patient. You’re going to inhabit this new home for a long time, and you do not want to rush the process.

4. Be Firm

However patient you may be, you still need to be firm with your contractor. This is your house we’re talking about. At some point, you’d actually like to put those roots down and live in it. When issues arise, be firm with your contractor and make sure those problems are handled in a timely, efficient manner.   

5. Assume Nothing

You know what happens when you assume, right? Don’t put yourself in that position. Instead, listen to your contractors and encourage over-communication on all fronts. When you’re building your own home, the devil is truly in the details. You’ll want to ensure that even the smallest details are not overlooked.

You’re one step closer to being ready to build your own house! When the time comes, call the professionals at R. Clary Builders. Their superior construction services and client-conscious approach are sure to meet your every home building or renovation need. Call today at (808) 263-4463 or check them out online for a full list of services and testimonials. You can also find the team on Facebook.

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