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How Massages Relieve Stress May 11, 2017

Mendota Heights, Dakota
How Massages Relieve Stress , Mendota Heights, Minnesota

When you get a massage, the therapist loosens the muscles in your back, neck, and legs to alleviate tension. When you sigh or exhale in relief, you’re not just letting go of physical discomfort; you may also be releasing mental stress. At the Center For A Balanced Life in St. Paul, MN, the experienced massage therapists help clients reduce stress in the body and mind to improve their overall wellness.

The Effects of Stress

When you feel stressed, your muscles tighten, your spine becomes rigid, and your cortisol levels increase. You may experience frequent headaches and chest pain and have trouble sleeping or eating normally. Stress doesn’t just bring physical symptoms; it can also impact your emotional well-being. Your relationships can suffer if you experience mood swings or a diminished sex drive. 

How Massage Therapy Helps

stress St. Paul MNProfessional massages help relieve stress and its many negative side effects. Studies suggest that regular massages help reduce blood pressure and heart rate and boost your body’s production of endorphins, the hormones that create positive moods. Massages also encourage the body to release serotonin and dopamine, which promote feelings of bliss and calmness. As the massage therapist works on areas of tension and tightness, clients are rewarded with pain relief that also curbs stress.

Although researchers have established a connection between massages and quality of life, you don’t need to be a scientist to understand the connection. Many people who visit their massage therapist do so with the goal of relaxing and feeling better than they did before. After their session, clients continue to reap the benefits of the massage, feeling more peaceful and clear-headed in the days to come.  

Massages not only help sore muscles feel better, but they also improve your emotional state and quality of life. Center For A Balanced Life offers a wide range of massage treatments designed to reduce stress and anxiety and promote overall wellness. To learn more about how massages can help you feel your best, call (651) 455-0473 or visit the practice’s website

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