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Marine Engine Sales Experts Share 3 Signs You Need to Replace Your Outboard Motor Impeller May 16, 2017

Aki Ahupua`a, Lahaina
Marine Engine Sales Experts Share 3 Signs You Need to Replace Your Outboard Motor Impeller, Lahaina, Hawaii

When you’re enjoying a day on the water, you probably aren’t thinking about the mechanical parts that power your boat—but when the outboard boat motor stops working, the entire vessel suffers. Replacing the impeller, the rotating pump component that operates the motor, can resolve many engine-related issues. Unfortunately, it can be difficult to detect when this part is damaged. The marine engine sales and boat repair service experts at Central Pacific Marine specialize in helping Lahaina, HI, boaters identify and fix outboard motor problems before they damage the watercraft.

Below, the area’s top marine engine sales specialists share three common indicators it’s time to replace your outboard motor’s impeller.

1. You Frequently Use the Boat 

If you spend hours on the water every season, your impeller may have reached the end of its useful life. Outboard motor manufacturers recommend replacing this part every 1,000 hours the boat is used; if you take advantage of Hawaii’s abundant sunshine and good boating conditions, you may need to visit your marine engine sales team more than once a year for a new impeller.

marine engine sales Lahaina HI2. The Outboard Motor Overheats 

Your boat’s outboard motor requires a steady flow of water to operate. When the impeller needs to be replaced, the motor’s internal temperature rises and the equipment stops taking in cooler water and pumping out warm water. This will eventually lead to overheating, which can leave visible scorch marks on the motor.  

3. The Cooling Water Outlet Produces a Weak Stream

A damaged impeller affects the boat’s cooling water outlet. A steady stream of water should pour out of this fixture, but if the impeller needs to be replaced, the flow will be weak. The worn equipment can’t generate the energy needed to increase water pressure and keep your motor cool.  

If your outboard motor isn’t performing as well as it used to, bring it to the experts at Central Pacific Marine. These marine engine sales and boat repair experts will replace the impeller for an affordable price, so you can get back on the water. Call (808) 661-3349 to speak with a knowledgeable service technician. Visit the shop online to learn more about their boat engine repair services.

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